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Who we are and what we do, you will discover if you open the other pages. Here we should only state that members of the association are experts who want to contribute to development and popularization of informatics beside their regular work. In Informatics, we want to act as active individuals who believe that they are can not only follow development, but to influence it, and which have already done so in different ways. The goal is to combine all three spheres: science, profession and business.




Association charters 

One of the forms of professional work in the society are charters. The charters are rounded up by professional fields and are open to all members of the society who have an interest in working in a particular field. The section is set up by interested members of the Association at the founding meeting of the charter. Opens internal link in current windowMore



ECDL - European Computer Driving License ICDL, International Computer Driving License is an international training and certification initiative aimed at improving computer literacy and digital competences. In countries where it is introduced, it is managed by an independent body. In Slovenia, this body is Slovenian Society INFORMATIKA. More



The Association publishes two journals: Applied Informatics, the only Slovenian proffesional journal on informatics, which is also a newsletter of the Association. and Informatica, a scientific journal in the field of informatics, which is also recognized. Opens internal link in current windowMore


Related information 

Check related information where you can find web addresses of associations and institutions with which the association collaborates. Opens internal link in current windowMore



The Association organizes and participates in organization of professional conferences, symposia and IT meetings in Slovenia and abroad. We inform you about these events here ... Opens internal link in current windowMore



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