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    The European Computer Driving License ECDL is an international initiative aimed at spreading proven computer literacy throughout the world. Programs are developed by international experts in line with market needs and technological advancements. Certification is completely independent of software and computer software providers. Candidates can therefore freely decide which digital skills they will acquire and on which software they will acquire.

    The most common program is ECDL, which is designed for anyone who wants to be fully trained to use the computer and the most common applications. The program consists of seven modules that ensure the acquisition of knowledge, which is evaluated with the final test. Modules are: Concepts of information and communication technology, Computer use and file usage, Text processing, Sheets, Using databases, Presentations, Web browsing and communications. The curricula of these modules can be found here. Candidates who pass the exams from all seven modules receive an ECDL certificate, and candidates who complete at least four exams receive the ECDL Start Primary Certificate.

    More demanding users will encounter ECDL Advanced, which consists of four modules (Advanced Text Processing, Advanced Spreadsheets, Advanced Databases, Advanced Presentations) and gives an individual the opportunity to obtain a certificate that is proof of using a specific application at the expert level, while acquiring skills and knowledge that go beyond the usual use of information technology.

    With technical experts, the ECDL CAD program is very popular, which demonstrates the knowledge of two-dimensional computer design.

    In Slovenia, ECDL certification under the supervision of the Slovenian INFORMATICS Association has been in operation since 2000. The candidates pass the exams by solving tasks on a computer or through an automated exam system, in Slovene or English, on any software (for example, Microsoft Windows & Office, Open Office ). Certification is internationally recognized, as it has been practiced by more than 13 million candidates in 148 countries so far. In Slovenia, the exams were performed by almost 17,000 candidates who passed over 84,000 exams. Certificates are also recognizable in our area, because ECDL certification in Italy was performed by 2,000,000 candidates, in Austria 550,000, in Hungary 430,000, in Croatia 60,000 and in Serbia 38,000 candidates.

    ECDL certification is increasingly appreciated by employers as it brings tangible business results. The Italian survey "Price of Ignorance" found that ECDL certification provides a return on investment of € 2,261 per person per year, and that qualifications increased by as much as 47% over the pre-training level. According to a survey by the Dutch University of Twente, Dutch workers spend on average almost 8% of their working day to solve problems in the use of information technology at the workplace. More and more companies use ECDL certification to achieve higher IT skills. The main reasons stated by employers to choose ECDL among comparable programs are the ability to adapt to the company's needs, the use of current knowledge, competitive advantage, international validity and independence from the software provider. The ECDL certifies the holder internationally valid proof of digital competence and thus a competitive advantage in the labor market, and the employer objectively certifies that employees master the work with general computer programs.

    In Slovenia, candidates can take exams at one of the accredited exam centers in Slovenia (Agora d.o.o., ISER, Andrej Krajnc s.p., Ljudska univerza Celje, Ljudska univerza Murska Sobota,  Micro Team doo, SPIN doo and Šolski center Novo mesto). Also, it should be emphasized that the Employment Service of the Republic of Slovenia enables unemployed persons to obtain free computer training and ECDL exams.

    More details about the ECDL program can be found on the Slovenian site or on the international


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